WAG 2013

Read up for a sneak-peak into WAG’s 2013 monthly themes.

January – “Book ’em“: the wonderful world of libraries, books and authors.

February – “Voluptuaries“: keeping the body beautiful.

March – “Gimme Shelter“: where does one hang his or her hat?

April – “Animal Magnetism“: horses and hounds, we love them all.

May – “Heating Up“: get those bodies moving and fit.

June – “Open Road“: to great escapes near and far.

July – “Hot Tomatoes“: foodies’ paradise and favorite haunts.

August – “S’Wellness“: those who go above and beyond.

September – “Ragtime“: no business like the fashion business in the fall.

October – “Extremities“: let’s keep those tootsies, among all, comfy and warm.

November – “Voices“: music, causes, people with a passion.

December – “Gems“: sparkling jewels, ideas and those gems of people.


Aside from our themed issues, check out our monthly features, including: WAGwagging, WAGwanders, WAGwares, WAGwatch, WAGway, WAGwine&dine, WAGwear, WAGwell, WAGwhen&where, WAGwhims, WAGwit and WAGworthy.


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