WAG 2014

Check out our themed, monthly issues for WAG’s year of power.

January – “Super Power“: superheroes, the meaning of superlative, super people.

February – “Power of the Sexes“: WAG’s erotic month with new books and exhibits that put the spotlight on some naughty guys and gals.

March – “Empowered“: get in shape; know your docs.

April – “Horse Power“: a trust on our annual equine issue – horses, meet cars.

May – “Flower Power“: stunning homes and gardens; plus everything floral in fashion and fragrances.

June – “Power Trips“: we’re on the road again.

July – “Power Foods“: new eateries, fab recipes, hot new foods to satisfy cravings and bolster health.

August – “Power play“: it’s August, relax and have fun – plus, our annual U.S. Open salute.

September – “Power suits“: our fashion and style issue.

October – “Brain power“: always learning something new.

November – “Power couples“: the hottest couples in the region.

December – “Power brokers“: the people who made 2014 sizzle.


In addition to our themed monthly issue, our features include: Wagging, Wanders, Wares, Watch, Way, Wear, Well, Wit, W’reel Deal and Wonderful Dining.

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