A healthy indulgence

WAG recently received a product pitch about a “truly healthy cheesecake.”

Oh, sure. And we bet it tastes good, too, right?

Well, our staff was pleasantly surprised when a delivery from Earth Café arrived, and we began sampling our selections.

We received options ranging from “Blueberry Thrill” to the carob-mousse of “Who’s Your Daddy?” to banana cream and found them to be consistently tasty.

It was the proverbial icing on the cake to find out the slices, which ship frozen and easily defrost, are living (raw), vegan, vegetarian, wheat/gluten-free, cholesterol-free and kosher.

As they say, “What’s not to love?”

The cheesecake is sold by the slice ($5.99) at health food markets, including select Whole Foods and Mrs. Green’s Natural Markets. Whole cheesecakes ($34.99 to $36.99) can be ordered online.

For more, visit earthcafetogo.com.

– Mary Shustack

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