A “Life” worth reading

“A Life for a Life” (Ancharney Press, $15.95, 331 pages) WAG alumna Barbara Nachman’s powerful new novel, considers the rippling effects of gun violence in America though not in the way you might think. The characters in her story have not only lost loved ones to gun violence. They’re recruits in a campaign to use guns to end guns.

“Could these honest, law-abiding citizens commit a brutal crime to save innocent people?” the novel asks.

“While the characters and plot in this book are fictitious, the ideas come straight from the mouths of people on both sides of the gun issue,” Barbara writes in her Author’s Note.

All proceeds from the book will go to several nonprofits to end gun violence.

Barbara is also the author of five murder mysteries, including four in her popular, fun-filled “Who-Done-It? Who-Wore-It?” series.

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Georgette Gouveia

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