A new year yields new artistry

The spring-summer collection from Lalique is due in boutiques in coming weeks, and WAG has been treated to a sneak peek.

It is, as you’d imagine, stunning.

With pieces that again showcase Lalique’s trademark finish – an artful contrast of clear and satin crystal –the line is captivating, with a new midnight blue color interpreted in various designs.

In addition, the historic Art Nouveau Oran vase and Art Deco Flamme vase, in clear crystal and crystal and black enamel, respectively, have been re-introduced for a new generation of collectors.

And on a final note – or should we say several floral notes – we have just gotten a glimpse of another Lalique creation again destined to be a collectible.

It’s the “Deux Paons” 2014 Limited Edition Crystal Flacon Parfum.

The description provided by Lalique is so enchanting, we decided to share it here:

“The elegant drawing of the “Deux Paons (Two Peacocks) (1897-1898) pendant by René Lalique, sourced from the private collection of Shai and Shuxiu Lin Bandmann, inspired the design of this new 2014 Limited Edition. The drawing is stamped on the top of the precious “Prestige” box.

Two confronted Peacocks join their beaks on the stopper, forming an ajour between their heads. Their trains embrace the shoulders and flanks of the bottle, framing a translucent crystal window that allows the rich amber color of the fragrance to catch the light.

Once more, Lalique expresses its peerless know-how and exacting standards with this bottle. The “hot glass” workshop requires four glassmakers using the handcrafted hot mould technique to fashion the bottle. Taken up at 1150°C, the crystal is formed in a wooden shaping block and then placed into a cast-iron mould heated to 400°C and annealed for seven hours. For the stopper, the so-called “pressed” technique requires five glassmakers. The eyespots on the Peacocks’ tails are subsequently polished and sandblasted – these two steps are performed cold, as well as cutting. To adjust the stopper’s fit, it is paired with its bottle and ground with emery to ensure a leak-proof finish.

Finally, in the ultimate finishing touch to this handcrafted piece, the gold thread is added to the signed and numbered bottle.

Timeless and shimmering, Lalique de Lalique showcases the three noblest flowers in perfumery: a fruity rose, a heady jasmine and a delicately powdered iris. This bouquet blooms as soon as the scent soars into the air, kissed by a spicy breeze of wallflower.

In the heart notes, a flash of wit and modernity livens up the fragrance: the raspy green of blackcurrant leaf, the playful tartness of blackberry, the suave flesh of pear with its rosy facets…

A silken veil of musks and vanilla, softened by the creaminess of Mysore sandalwood, weds perfume to skin in the drydown.”

The parfum, which retails at $1,800 for a 100ml/3.3ounce flacon, has recently arrived in stores.

For more, visit lalique.com.


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