A treat for the taste buds, and the eyes, too

It all started with a single, itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow – chocolate-chip cookie.

And then it progressed to anothe, and another, and another. (Which was way more fun than wearing a bikini, I must add.)

It was only a few short moments before WAG’s production department devoured the jar of fresh-baked cookies that were delivered by Julie Waxman, the owner of Baked in Color.

Cookies tend to catch the attention of everyone in our office. But it was especially the case with Waxman’s batch, because of their unusual color scheme.

Some cookies were multicolored, while others were bold yellows, reds, blues and greens, and combinations of such, reminiscent of tie-dye.

But the playfulness doesn’t end here. Waxman welcomes custom orders to personalize any occasion, from a casual barbeque or date night to sporting events, weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and gay pride celebrations. She also creates custom tins – which are available for shipment to 21 states – bags, tubes, jars, boxes and platters. Hand-wrapped, goodie bags are available for corporate events and staff appreciation.

Waxman also takes an entirely new approach to, “I’ll just have one.” She bakes a nine-inch cookie, allowing customers to pick their color scheme. Mmm.

But hey, it is “just one,” right?

Baked in Color delivers to locations throughout Westchester County, as well as many New York City and Connecticut neighborhoods, and pickup is available at Turnstyle NYC, 58th Street and Broadway.

For more, visit bakedincolor.com.

­— Danielle Renda


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