A walk on the (bejeweled) wild side

Recent Blue Book Collections, which Tiffany & Co. unveils to the public each April, have mirrored the enchantment of the sea and its creatures in waves of gemstones, silvery scales and luscious pearls.

This year, however, the luxe jeweler’s creative forces have turned inland to explore “The Art of the Wild.”

It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it. Someone had to travel to a remote tropical island for nature immersion. The members of the Tiffany design team used the fauna and flora they observed to test the limits of what gems and their minds can do.

“We continuously push the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation in every way,” Melvyn Kirtley, chief gemologist and vice president of high jewelry, says in a statement. “Every single year we’re looking for different ways to produce pieces that are so technically complicated, they seem almost impossible. But this is where we make the impossible happen.” 

An example that takes flight — show-stopping bird brooches that evoke the texture and arcing movement of our fine, feathered friends in gems that are custom-cut and mapped in much the way a painter blends colors.

Gem-kissed frond motifs, berry designs of orange spessartites and rubellites, cascading diamonds, leafy earrings crowned by perfect Tahitian pearls, bouquets of ombré stones — all these await Blue Book devotees.

Only one thought remains:  May we tag along on the design team’s next journey?

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