Another dip into the water

WAG still recalls its 2015 visit to the Nelsonville home-studio of artist Carla Goldberg.

For our June issue of that year,  we offered a profile of Goldberg, whose work had long fascinated us.

“For the past 10 years, I’ve been working almost exclusively with water and memory,” she told us then of her thematic projects. She was in the midst of an exploration of the motif of sea foam, a project made possible by her winning proposal for a Connecticut Sea Grant.

It was a lovely coincidence when, on a recent stop in Cold Spring for an upcoming WAG story, we decided to pay a visit to Gallery 66NY only to see Goldberg’s water-inspired work on prominent display. Filling Gallery A, the exhibition, “Wave Over Wave,” is a bolder, we thought, grouping that upon reflection does indeed link to her earlier work.

Here’s how the gallery’s director and curator Barbara Galazzo advanced the work:

“Carla Goldberg’s artwork is about the residual memory and calming forces of water. Light and shadow permeate her transparent resinous surfaces on Plexiglas. Her popular series Aqua Marine has officially completely sold out, but in response to continued demand Carla developed ‘Wave Over Wave,’ her newest iteration on the Aqua Marine theme, premiering at Gallery 66NY… ‘Wave Over Wave’ incorporates the graceful and elegant French S Curves of antiquity as inspiration for her abstracted waves. Over the past 20 years of pouring resin, Carla has mastered the medium and learned to pour precise patterns, sculpting in low relief with resin while simultaneously painting with it. Additionally, she has incorporated carved elements directly into the back of the Plexiglas, along with her signature white ink drawing, light and shadow work and her aqua marine colors. The result is more energetic, while still retaining its meditative quality.”

The show continues through July 2, as does Josefina Weatherwax’s “Disorder and Romance” in Gallery B and Richard Cutrona’s “Fomal Tension” in Gallery C.

Gallery 66NY is open noon to 6 p.m. Fridays through Sundays at 66 Main St.

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— Mary Shustack

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