Aw, shucks

For the October issue of WAG – in which we salute the Big Apple – Zoë Zellers got the scoop on one of the world’s great aphrodisiacs from a man who should know – Sandy Ingber, executive chef of the Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal.

For instance, how do you shuck an oyster?

“A lot of shuckers shuck from the side of the oyster. They find this little sweet spot, and they go right in and boom. They’re amazing at it,” Ingber says. “I can open oysters, but I do it like the homemaker,” he adds with a laugh. “First, I always use a towel in my hand. I put the oyster in there with the flat side up, with the hinge facing me. Then wedge your knife into the hinge, moving it back and forth and pushing it in at the same time until you actually begin to feel it go inside the oyster. Then wedge downward and it pops right up.”

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