Booking your luxury travel in advance – and abroad

Has this horrific travel situation ever happened to you?

It’s 11 p.m., you’re traveling overseas on vacation with your family — and you’re at the airport or at the train station — and there’s no one in sight. You’re not sure where to go, you’ve got too much luggage and there’s not a taxi anywhere. What to do, besides have an anxiety attack?

There’s a simple solution to solve that problem, which allows you to travel confidently, securely and safety.

It’s Boston Carriage, an international transportation company located in Westwood, Massachusetts. But don’t let the name fool you. Boston Carriage is a national and worldwide limousine company. One of its many advantages is that it lets you book all of your transportation in advance from Westchester to the West End. 

“Many vacation travelers, especially, are unaware that they can book all of their high-end transportation abroad — and in advance — with Boston Carriage,” says co-founder Igor Portnoy. “We can handle it all, to make traveling overseas more reliable, comfortable and affordable. We can eliminate a tremendous amount of worry and anxiety that many vacation and business travelers experience when arriving or departing from a foreign country.”

While business travelers typically are familiar with booking transportation in advance, many vacation travelers never think about it, relying instead on hailing a cab at their destination — if there is one to be found — or calling Uber. However, Boston Carriage customers rave about the excellent first-class service, and the convenience of knowing beforehand that their luxury transportation overseas — everywhere from Dublin to Dubai — can be handled professionally.  Just step outside your door, and a suited professional chauffeur is waiting for you, ready and able to handle all your luggage, provide you with a water bottle and transport you to your destination securely and promptly.

One recent client found herself in Prague at the train station at 6:30 a.m. with no idea — and with no signage — of how to exit with her family members and get to their hotel with all of their baggage. Faster than you can say, “Czech Republic,” their assigned Boston Carriage chauffeur showed up with a smile, personally handled four of their bags in his two hands and escorted them to the luxury sedan that would take them to their hotel. The three travelers also had so many bags — seven in total — that they otherwise would have required two taxis. Boston Carriage solved that problem too, by showing up in a large luxury SUV. “Boston Carriage was a lifesaver,” she says.

Furthermore, Boston Carriage, as a national and international company, can provide travelers in New York and Connecticut with transportation to a wealth of destinations that include John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos, the Martha’s Vineyard ferry and Cape Cod. Its service is so stellar that frequently clients refer to Boston Carriage as the “Waldorf Astoria on wheels.”

Boston Carriage also gives back to the community. It offers complimentary healthy snacks and goodies from Whole Foods to all of its employees and chauffeurs, so that they can be at their best on the job. This month, the company will round up its chauffeurs, friends, family, neighbors and colleagues and invite them to “take the pledge” against texting and driving. This is part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” public service campaign. Boston Carriage wants to be a leader in the community, encouraging drivers all over the world to take this pledge, and act responsibly and safely behind the wheel, even if they already do so.

 If you or your business associates or family members would like to take the AT&T pledge and join millions of other drivers who vow never to text while behind the wheel or engage in other distracted driving, visit 

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