Boscobel’s latest exhibition to open

Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison will put the spotlight on some unusual objects when its 2017 exhibition opens June 3.

Following last year’s popular “Hudson Hewn: New York Furniture Now,” this year’s show is spotlighting what it calls “the first major exhibition focused on historic attempts to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Here’s how advance materials describe “Make-Do’s: Curiously Repaired Antiques:”

“From porcelain teapots with silver replacement spouts to glass decanters bound with iron staples, Make-Do’s features 250 curious treasures. At some point in their history these objects met with calamity, and yet were deemed too precious to discard. They invite curiosity: Were they repaired for practical, sentimental, or aesthetic reasons?

“Boscobel is the ideal organizer of Make-Do’s, as Boscobel itself is a kind of make-do. The original 1804-08 Neoclassical mansion was partially demolished in 1955, but – thanks to dedicated preservationists – reassembled and repurposed as a museum. Like Boscobel, make-do’s illustrate the complex relationships between everyday people and the things that they choose to save.”

The show will continue in the exhibition gallery and mansion through Oct. 1. An illustrated catalog will be available for purchase, with related events planned. Boscobel is on Route 9D.

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– Mary Shustack

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