Bow wow and how

We at WAG have a soft spot for our four-legged friends as illustrated by our annual April animal issue and by our new WAG the Tail section and newsletter. So we were delighted not only to see pets return to the White House in the form of President and Dr. Biden’s German Shepherds but to learn that said shepherds, Champ and Major, are the subject of a new children’s book.

“Champ and Major: First Dogs” by Joy McCullough with illustrations by Sheyda Abvabi Best tells the story of how Major, the first shelter dog at the White House, joined the Biden family from the Delaware Humane Association to help Champ make sure their pet parents have some time for fun. Champ in turn, who knew the White House from when his dad was President Barack Obama’s vice president, shows Major the presidential pooch ropes.

It’s a heartwarming tale whatever your political persuasion.

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