Chocolate, with a Brazilian twist

WAG had never heard of Brigadeiros, but thanks to tinyB Chocolate, we now know that what’s billed as “Brazil’s favorite treat” is indeed quite the delight.

A fittingly tiny box arrived at our offices from San Francisco, inviting us to sample the bite-sized “chocolate delight that’s sensuously creamy, a round pop of rich flavor.”

Made in the California city with local, natural ingredients – always gluten-free – the Brigadeiros reminded us of very rich homemade truffles.

(We learned they are considered a “cousin of the truffle, made with condensed milk;” its creation a nod to the company chocolatier’s Brazilian heritage.)

With samples that featured milk and dark chocolate, coconut, almonds and more, our first taste of Brigadeiros from tinyB Chocolate made quite a big impression, something to consider for holiday hostess gifts or even that little seasonal pick-me-up splurge.

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– Mary Shustack

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