Cold brew to-go from Rise Brewing Co.

Some mornings, we can’t be bothered to rev up the coffee pot and wait for a steaming cup of caffeine. In a rush to get to the office, it’s much easier to grab something and head out the door.

Rise Brewing Co. provides just that. The company sent us all six flavors of canned cold brews to sample, and already we know these coffees to-go will make our mornings that much easier.

With a selection of flavors, from standard black coffee to a blood orange twist, there is something for everyone’s taste. Rise’s most recent release, the new oat milk latte, makes it possible for those with dairy intolerances to enjoy coffee with ease (and without the tummy ache).

Made from organic coffee beans grown in Peru’s Chanchamayo Valley, the coffees are a delightful morning treat and range from a stronger coffee taste in the black coffee variation to creamy lattes or coffees with fruit flavors. Pop them in the refrigerator overnight and by morning they’re ready to go. Naturally sweet, low in acidity and with 80-200 milligrams of caffeine in each can (depending on flavor), they’re the perfect jolt of energy to get you through the day. Ranging from zero to 150 calories, you can enjoy a coffee guilt-free.

We recommend trying a variety pack to start. While the blood orange or lemonade flavors may not be our everyday choice, each flavor is worth a shot. If you love them like we do, you can sign up for an auto-renew service, so you never have to run out. And shipping from Stamford, they’ll arrive at your door in no time, so you can skip the line at Starbucks.

Might we suggest putting your cold (or hot) brew in JavaSok, another product we’ve sampled? These colorful sleeves will keep your hands from getting too cold or hot – although they might not fit easily in your car cup holder.

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— Meghan McSharry

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