Color us grateful

With Passover and Easter upon us, things can get a bit hectic. (On the other hand, at least we don’t have to organize the White House Easter Egg Roll. Whew!)

Nothing says “de-stress” nowadays – or “unusual gift,” for that matter – quite like a good coloring book. Thames & Hudson, whose books on various subjects are a regular feature in WAG, has a unique one coming out June 27. What makes Henry Wilson’s “Patterns of India: A Coloring Book” ($19.95, 96 pages) special is that the pages to color are juxtaposed with the fabulous Indian decorative arts that were their inspiration so you can see what the authentic colors and finished designs look like. This is truly a different approach, and hats off – Should that be Easter bonnets off? – to T & H and the team there for a job well done.

Even though the book is months away, Thames & Hudson was gracious enough to supply us with a PDF that you can download and color. Here, too, is the page from the book to guide you.

As we celebrate two of the most significant holy days of the year, it’s our way of saying “Thank you, readers” for taking this journey with us.

Happy Passover. Happy Easter. And Happy Spring from all of us at WAG.

Georgette Gouveia

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