December 2018

Inspired by philanthropy

The F-word in diets — fiber


Crash diets always seem to fail. “The F-Factor Diet” allows you to eat what you want, exercise however much you please, and, yes, even sip on some wine, and still see results – all thanks to the miracle carb – fiber.

Holiday delights


Joanna Buchanan is known for her luxury home-décor goods, designed in her Wilton studio and sold around the world. Now, she offers WAG a glimpse into her creative process.

Neiman Marcus: gifts that give back


Neiman Marcus is the gift that keeps giving. Not only is the luxe retailer out with its Christmas Book, complete with new fantasy items, but its The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation has pledged to support The Boys & Girls Club of America youth arts programs, which serve 4.3 million children through 4,300 clubs nationwide.

Alpine nirvana


Scaling Italy’s largest valley glacier, Wonderful Dining columnist Aleesia Forni finds herself crossing the divide between being her parents’ child and being their protector.

An outsider makes good


“Most winemakers come to the career of wine through a family history or connection or an inherent fantasy of the product or the lifestyle,” Wine & Dine columnist Doug Paulding writes. George Bursick took an entry-level job at a winery all the way to the top, becoming a successful consultant and, now, serving as executive winemaker of Maxville Winery.