Double delight

Lots of beauty products claim to perform miracles. But we’ve found one that, if not miraculous, certainly lives up to its billing as the number one face serum in the world.

It’s Double Serum by the French beauty brand Clarins, which turned 66 March 15 — and looks good for its age. We first discovered the product, which appeared on the market in its first through third iterations in 1985, when we had a Clarins facial recently at Bloomingdale’s White Plains. It was one of the few facials we’ve ever had that felt like an instant facelift in the best possible sense of the word.

We tried the Double Serum, now in its eighth iteration, on our own and experienced the same results. Curious, we looked at the ingredients and saw that the serum is as botanical-loving as we are. The key ingredient is turmeric, an ancient ant-iinflammatory and antioxidant known for its restorative properties. Banana, avocado, myrothamnus and red jania help the skin regenerate. Teasel, goi berry, beautyberry and horse chestnut are used for oxygenation. Mary’s thistle, kiwi, oat and orthosiphon nourish, while leaf of life, marsh samphire, quinoa and cocoa tree hydrate and huang qi, mango tree, ginger lily and edelweiss protect.

The extracts are used in a dual chamber hydric, lipidic suspension system that delivers two-thirds water-based ingredients and one-third oil based ingredients in an environmentally friendly pump bottle. All this makes your skin feel smoother and firmer and look brighter.

We like to combine this day and night with Clarins’ Eye Contour Gel, which definitely helps with our dark circles and puffiness.

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