Dr. Jeffrey Morrison’s detox diet

In WAG’s March “Empowerment” issue, Patricia Espinosa talks with Dr. Jeffrey A. Morrison of The Morrison Center about the role integrative medicine and nutrition play in good health. Here’s an excerpt from that interview:


In your book “Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind,” you detail a plan for restoring health through detoxification. What does that mean and why is it important for the body to detoxify itself?   

“Many of my patients come to see me because they are suffering from medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormone imbalances or they have symptoms like fatigue, achy muscles and joints and chronic digestive problems. Often, their health adversely affects their lives. Yet within the first 30 days of following my detox program, they are usually experiencing significantly better health. In fact in 2012, I published an article in Integrative Medicine, A Clinician’s Journal that documented my patients’ outcomes of feeling generally 60 percent better within 30 days. And when weight loss was a goal, they lost on average 9 pounds.

“The link between the foods we eat and how we feel is becoming better understood. By understanding the issues our lifestyle and environment pose, you will be able to successfully reverse the damage by removing the unhealthy foods and behaviors from your life.

“When the body is exposed to toxic foods, it reacts in an attempt at self-protection by creating inflammation and swelling up with excess water and additional fat. At the same time, the damage caused by the inflammation and toxic foods can lower metabolism, which can make us gain weight even if we’re constantly dieting. What’s more, these toxic foods are very possibly linked to severe health issues like infertility and even cancer.

“While you might not be aware of the effects toxic foods can have on your body, you may already be experiencing signs and symptoms linked to excess exposure, which can include allergies, difficulty concentrating, digestive gas and bloating, fatigue, headaches, anxiety or depression, muscle aches, obesity and poor memory.

“Yet astonishingly, conventionally trained physicians and health-care providers rarely understand how food can impact our health or know how to treat its related conditions. They are often unaware of the latest scientific findings, leaving them poorly prepared to advise patients about proactive care. This leaves individuals like you in the dark, trying to figure out why their symptoms and conditions simply won’t go away.

“If you are experiencing any of these conditions, there is new hope. You can take control of your health with a thorough and effective whole body detoxification program.

“By doing so, you may quickly see a complete reversal of illnesses, especially of chronic ailments that have been plaguing you without relief.”


How is this cleanse different from others?

“Recently, detox diets have achieved notoriety due to celebrity endorsements and marketing suggesting quick-and-easy weight loss. You may have heard of the master cleanse, juice cleanse or raw food detoxification, none of which is practical for long-term use. Instead, we need a detox program that can do more, work better and truly cleanse our bodies and restore our health for the long term. I’ve created a program that yields excellent results without having to fast, compromise our health or deprive our taste buds or lifestyle.

“Best of all, my program is inexpensive. You’ll find that you are eating out less and cooking at home more, which saves money. More important, by adopting better food choices now, your health-care costs down the road can actually decrease. Preventative medicine is known to reduce the need for prescriptions, medications and surgeries as well as lessen the likelihood of developing heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. My program is an investment in your health that leads to long-term payoffs. Ultimately, it’s the least expensive health-care option available.

“My program helps your body detoxify itself naturally. It combines an elimination-diet meal plan with a nutrient-dense detox protein shake and supportive supplemental nutrients. It gives your body a break from the potentially unhealthy foods you consume on a regular basis, which decreases your exposure to toxins and allergens. During this time, your body can repair damaged cells, clean its vital systems and clear the channels of elimination.  This process also jumpstarts your metabolism.”

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