Equine emo

Is there any animal that is more anthropomorphic than the horse? For thousands of years, the horse has represented man’s freedom and energy, including the sexual aspect of those qualities. “Equine Beauty — A Study of Horses” (teNeues Publishing Group, $55, 208 pages) renders the erotic in the animal in 82 color and 40 duotone photographs of quivering nostrils, twitching ears and manes braided in knots or fallen silkily over one eye à la Veronica Lake. And oh, those peepers, with their inch-long eyelashes and dark rims mimicking kohl eyeliner.

The horses are bridled, saddled and stabled — lining up like beauty contestants waiting for the question that will determine who gets the crown. They romp, roam, rear and run free. They are shaggy elders and peach-fuzz foals. At times, they even sit upright like a good dog. And they’re all captured by one man — photographer Raphael Macek, who turns 35 Aug. 11 and grew up in a family of animal lovers in Brazil. (His father was a horse breeder and veterinarian.)

As Brazil’s Olympic equestrian team writes in the book’s foreword, “A photo by Raphael Macek shows far more than just a beautiful, perfectly lit horse in a breathtaking landscape. Through his images, Raphael conveys the emotions of a unique moment in time expertly captured by his camera and reflecting the full breadth of his admiration and love for these wonderful animals that are part of our lives.”

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