‘Fall’ing for these beauty products

Try these skincare and makeup products this fall.

With our annual fashion issue now out, we thought you’d enjoy hearing about some new beauty products to use with your new fall wardrobes:

Our friends at Sisley Paris  – whose American headquarters are in White Plains – have always been known for their luxurious skincare products, like the new Velvet Nourishing Cream with saffron flowers and the Hydra-Global Serum, Anti-Aging Hydration Booster. But equally important for Sisley is its relatively new Hair Rituel line, which has really taken off for the company. It’s designed to replenish your tresses and includes the Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the scalp, the Volumizing Spray for Texture and Density and the Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo with camellia oil.

But if we could only have one Sisley product – we know, a horrifying thought as Sisley is among our faves – we would select the new Le Phyto-Rouge lipstick, designed to offer long-lasting hydration, in Rio (red). It comes in a tiger print tube sheathed in red velvet that’s imprinted with the Sisley “S.” The lipstick itself is faceted like a diamond. On second thought, maybe we’ll just display it like the work of art it is.

Another unusual lipstick comes from Blush & Whimsy.  Imagine a box that opens like a drawer containing a clear lipstick that has a floral design. You put the lipstick on and it adapts to your body’s temperature and ph to give you a shade that is unique to you. Ours was a pink-red. The scent and texture are yummy.

When it comes to beauty products, the Europeans are indeed no slouches. From Sweden comes the woman-owned Scandic,  which blends ancient Swedish botanicals with cutting-edge science. We’ve been using the starflower-based Pre-Serum, followed by the chamomile-based Serum and we have to say our skin looks brighter and tighter with these, which have us feeling totally refreshed.

Italy’s Perlier has a sumptuous new collection that will swathe you from face to foot in shea butter and Argan oil. Try the Soufflé for Hands and Feet to ease the extremities through the tricky transition from summer heat to autumn’s changeability.

Back in the U.S. of A., Dermelect Cosmeceuticals has made nail care as much of a passion as skincare. We’ve just begun using its Revitalite Eyelid and Dark Circle Corrector. (Got dark circles? You might also consider using a concealer and a bit of white eye shadow to lighten the area.)

Dermelect also has a line of anti-aging nail polishes. The ‘ME’ Peptide-Infused Nail Laquers are designed to prevent chipping, splitting, peeling, thin, weak, ridged, discolored, acrylic/gel damaged and hard-to-grow nails, so you can apply a trendy color without being worried about wrecking your digits. We love neutral nails, but deeper jewel tones are our favorites for fall. “Enlighten ‘Me’” (an apricot shade) is great until the temps cool down. Then, we’ll switch to the classic deep green, red and purple shades and the sparkly lavender shade, which is ideal for a holiday party.

Another company on our radar is Clark’s Botanicals.  It was a few years ago that we introduced readers to the company, which got its start as a father-son collaboration. Harold Chandler Clark, a New Rochelle doctor with a background in homeopathy, teamed up with his Bronxville-raised son Francesco Clark to create a skincare cream. It was sparked by a need that the younger Clark, who suffered a life-changing spinal-cord injury following a swimming accident, had for a product to treat his own skin.

Well, fast forward and Clark’s Botanicals has grown from a humble, local start to become an international player in the skincare market. Now the collection is being showcased at Space NK at Bloomingdale’s in White Plains. As noted in the advance materials, “Clark’s Botanicals products are supercharged with radical botanicals (such as jasmine absolute), natural ingredients pushed past their known limits to transform your skin.”

Space NK’s “Hot Spot” features skincare selections and “cult favorites” from Clark’s Botanicals, including the new Retinol Rescue Face Serum; the best-selling Deep Moisture Mask; Smoothing Marine Cream; Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream; and Retinol Rescue Eye Serum.

Congrats to Clark’s Botanicals on the new showcase.  

By Georgette Gouveia

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