Holiday delights

This week, it seems, we are turning our full attention to holiday planning. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas – boom, boom boom. (And let’s not forget that all swings right into New Year’s festivities).

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get a bit of that annual “How can I do it all?” feeling.

Well, WAG recently received two books that seem perfectly suited to calm any frazzled holiday nerves.

Just a glimpse at their covers sets the tone for celebrations that are whimsical, quirky and plenty of fun.

“The Vintage Sweets Book: A Complete Guide to Vintage Sweets and Cocktail Party Treats” ($19.95) has just been released in North America, and it’s a follow-up of sorts to “The Vintage Tea Party Book: A Complete Guide to Hosting Your Perfect Tea Party…” ($29.95). The 2011 British title was released here last year.

Both are published in America by The Antique Collectors’ Club and distributed by ACC Distribution.

The books are written by Angel Adoree, and the East London baker, stylist, author and all-around woman-about town has incredible flair.

A real treat for the eyes, the books are great to spend time with.

They are filled with ambitious recipes for the most lovely treats (toffee bonbons, lemon scones with lavender cream, radish tea sandwiches or rose panna cotta), charming illustrations, plenty of photographs incorporating vintage finds (teapots, figurines, candy canisters and playing cards), instructions for one-of-a-kind crafts and even party-style tips, from creative invitations to flower suggestions to how to pick the perfect vintage dress.

There’s just an overall sense of playfulness that serves to underscore what the best entertaining really is all about.

I’m hoping to make some of the featured items, but if nothing else, I’m already thinking that when that holiday stress does come along, I can simply flip open either of these books and enjoy a little respite.

And that’s a gift that can last throughout the year.


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