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Sex and the garden

Gardens and gardening remain lush, moist, sticky, tangled metaphors for hot, sometimes illicit sex, don’t they?

Not so still lives


David Hartt’s landscape design exhibit and related film at architect Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, which shines a light on Black artists and musicians, offers a fitting, ironic counterpoint to Johnson’s early white nationalist views as well as to cancel culture.

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Untermyer, reborn


The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy’s odyssey from Gilded Age glory to 1970s urban squalor and horror to resplendent 21st-century resurrection is the subject of Caroline Seebohm’s recent book “Paradise on the Hudson: The Creation, Loss, and Revival of a Great American Garden.”

Toscanini at Wave Hill


Of all the celebrated and powerful who strode the rooms of Wave Hill House and savored its conservatory, gardens and scenic pergola, few were more fascinating than fiery maestro Arturo Toscanini, whose authoritative passion, acute ear, attention to detail and photographic memory have made his name a benchmark of classical music conducting.

When plants become endangered


Most people are aware of the concept of endangered and extinct species within the animal kingdom, but less common is knowledge about plants and trees that have either been brought to the brink of oblivion or pushed into the extinguishing abyss.

Luxe living by land and sea


Field Point, an exquisite custom-built stone Georgian with 340 feet of private Long Island Sound shoreline and breathtaking panoramic views, was designed by the award-winning Norwalk architectural firm Shope Reno Wharton, to exemplify luxury waterfront living of the highest caliber.