How to eat petite in 2021

How to cut calories and carb without cutting out the bread.

If you’re like most people, you start the new year with a resolution to go on a diet and to exercise more, to get in better shape.

Well, I’ve got just the thing to help you in that quest – specifically, how to cut calories and carbs. It’s a fabulous bread called Schmidt Old Tyme 647. Its name refers to the six carbs, along with the 40 calories and seven grams of fiber per slice. How great is that?

I happened upon 647 bread a few months ago, and I have to say – it’s the best-tasting, most delicious low-carb bread I have ever eaten. It’s a terrific alternative to other low-carb breads on the market, and it comes in a variety of flavors. There is Italian, wheat, white and multigrain, along with English muffins and rolls. The English muffins and rolls, being two slices, are two times the calories and carbs,but still delicious.

“They have 33% fewer calories than regular buns on the market,” said Jeff Sobotta, vice president of sales. Each slice also has just one Weight Watchers Free Style point. “Our bread works with a wide variety of people who need specific things in their diet,” Jeff added. Its tagline is “Made Locally, Wanted Everywhere.” The company has even gotten calls from Hawaii, Alaska and the Midwest, to order the bread when people can’t find it locally. It’s also Keto-friendly. “We have experienced phenomenal growth,” Jeff said.

It definitely doesn’t taste like cardboard – which most low-carb breads do. I speak from experience.

You can find 647 bread in your local stores such as Walmart, Stop&Shop and Shop-Rite.

Dieting never tasted so good. Here’s a way to fill up without filling out. And definitely improve your “bottom” line. Happy New Rear!

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– Debbi K. Kickham

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