Jemily jewelry continues to captivate

WAG has featured the designs of Jemily Fine Jewelry in its pages over the years, so we were pleased to hear that the company’s New York-based designer Catherine Marion continues to create distinctive work.

New this season is the Statement Ring, which gets its impact from a 10-carat faceted cabochon. The ring, which is available in green or purple amethyst, smoky topaz or rock crystal, is set in a gothic-inspired setting that’s an abstraction of the wings of the Demoiselle dragonfly.

It’s a look, we’re told, that’s also been catching the eye of many a “Game of Thrones” fan – no surprise as Marion herself is also a fan of the HBO series.

Jemily Fine Jewelry is sold online and in boutiques including Landsberg Jewelers in Rye Book.

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– Mary Shustack

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