Makeup and hair tips from Rosamaria Brown

Photographs by John Rizzo


Prep your peepers for the day by preventing eyeliner smudge. Select a powder eye shadow – in a shade darker than your pencil eyeliner – and apply on top of the liner. Or, try using a gel eyeliner, particularly one that’s water-and-smudge resistant.

To make any eye color pop, apply pink eye shadow to the creases of your eyelids. You may also use a pink blush to create this look.

But note, if you’re creating a dramatic eye, then don’t overdo the lips: select one and make that your focal point. Drawing attention to both the eye and lip can be overpowering.


Natural and less manicured eyebrows are not only “in,” but they can enhance your facial structure. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to gently fill in spots with less hair. Be careful not to overdo, as this can create a harsh look.

Before going to bed, apply Vaseline to your eyelashes, which can help your lashes grow longer and stronger. Vaseline acts as a conditioner, in addition to moisturizing the skin around your lids. For a more dramatic look, apply false lashes.


Red lips are a makeup staple, but not always the easiest to perfect. To create a red lip, apply lip line perfecto around the edges to prevent color feathering. Next, use a waterproof lip liner to outline the lips and gently blend the liner. Add a neutral, loose or pressed powder to the lips to help set the lipstick in place.


A creamy, matte, pressed powder can help control shine and minimize the appearance of pores. Using highlighting powder or a shimmer blush to your cheekbones can also rejuvenate your look.


Your luscious locks don’t have to be flawless. In fact, loose curls and more of a messy beach look is in, which can easily be recreated using a curling iron or hair products intended to enhance curls.

Rosamaria Brown is a celebrity television hair and makeup artist in New York City and Washington, D.C. Brown is available to do weddings, proms and private parties. For more, call 571-432-7718 or email 

John Rizzo is a photojournalist and portrait photographer. For more, visit

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