“Is this what they call a meeting of the minds?” a man asked, poking his head into the Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers on a recent Saturday. “It must be.”

In a way, it was: The ArtSpeak Writing Workshop, “Wearable Words,” with poet-in-resident Golda Solomon, drew about 20 participants from all walks of life for an afternoon of ekphrastic writing (which is based on artwork). The class’ at times passionate, at times funny, always revealing work was accompanied by Boston and Yonkers-based musician writer Larry Roland on the travel bass, which looks like a crossbow and a Renaissance instrument combined. (Dude knows how to lay down a rhythm.)

It’s not surprising that the exhibit drew such vivid responses. “Art and the Human Form” (through May 26)), juried by Linda Mendelson and gallery director Arlé Sklar-Weinstein, takes up one of the great themes – if not the great theme – of modern and contemporary art, which is the deconstruction of the body, particularly the female body, with all the anguish and ambivalence that implies. The exhibit’s signature work, Rebecca Wendlant’s “Belle de la Mer,” captures that ambivalence. It’s a pretty tiered pink costume that says “little girl” or “outré costume ball.” But it’s based on a jellyfish, which, we know, can sting or be washed up on a beach to die. What’s pretty can be poisonous.

So it is with this show, whose provocative, often political works range in price from $64 to $7,500. Missed the Saturday workshop? You can join Blue Door for “The Night I Became Untamed,” an open- stage poetry and performance event with host Phylisha Villanueva 7-9 p.m. May 17. Admission is free ,but donations are appreciated. The audience is limited to 35, so reservations are a must.

The summer show is “Ups and Downs” (July 14-Aug. 25), curated by Marcy B. Freedman, who appeared in our November WAG. And don’t forget the New York Riverlight International Film Festival, spearheaded by Blue Door manager, Richard Crawford. The gallery is at 13 Riverdale Ave. (914) 375-5100,

Additional photos can be found here on the WAGonline Facebook page!

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