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We at WAG love nothing more than hearing an update from someone we have previously featured, as it gives us the chance to “follow the story.”

That’s why it was exciting to get an email earlier this week from Allyson Monson – the Fairfield County-based photographer profiled in our July “Fascinating Women” issue – with news of her latest work.

And, we note, she’d love to hear what we all think about the newest collection from her “Splat” series.

Monson writes that she is often asked how she names her work, what inspires her titles. She explains that often, it’s more to do with a moment in time and what is going on at that moment rather than the actual subject matter. Sometimes, it’s all about fun. And, she adds, “I also enjoy creating a bit of mystery in order to allow you to use your imagination about my work.”

To that end, she continues, “My newest collection is titled CAPAS, meaning “layers” in Spanish. I am not sharing what the actual images are or where I shot it. I think the unknown, particularly in abstracts, is what makes art fascinating.”

And, as mentioned, her release of the work this week invites you to share your thoughts:

“I would love to hear how CAPAS translates for you,” Monson says.

She has posted the work on Instagram and Facebook and invites everyone to visit and leave a comment with his or her interpretation.

For more, including the social-media links, visit

– Mary Shustack

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