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Our August issue, devoted to sports, recreation and relaxation, includes a story on Hästens.

We had the chance to interview Jan Ryde, the fifth-generation owner of the Swedish company known around the world for its handcrafted luxury beds.

During our chat, Ryde assured me that while beds may look the same from the outside, they are constantly evolving.

“It’s not a high-tech product. It doesn’t look much different on the outside,” he told me, but also said, “We make every bed a little better every year.”

And that’s been proven again as we have heard that the company will launch the latest iteration of its flagship bed, Vividus, this fall.

Here are some details, provided in press materials announcing the debut:

“Each Vividus is made by hand with all natural, premium materials. The new version has been in development for the past three years and redefines the supreme comfort of the original Vividus that was launched 10 years ago. It takes 320 working hours by four certified craftsmen to create the bed at the Vividus atelier in Sweden. The original Vividus took 160 hours to create, so each new model requires much more time as a result of new features and detailing – a true work of art. This new version features increased pliability to contour the body better, taking care of every point of the body that keeps the spine completely straight, while releasing tension points. The bed’s new construction features include an improved spring system in the base and a new layer of hand-teased horsehair to ensure higher springiness that also absorbs moisture. Hästens built a separate atelier for the creation of Vividus, at a level of quality that has never been seen before in a bed. Everything from the hand-sewn layers of horsehair and cotton to the hand-tied bolster springs are all adapted to fit specific customer requirements.”

Impressive, no?

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