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Options from the No B.S product line. Photograph courtesy No B.S. Beauty.
This beauty brand is taking a stand by creating all-natural products – and encouraging others to live a no-BS lifestyle by cutting out toxins, starting with their skincare.

We put so much effort into dieting, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. But do we hold back on skincare?

This question is the driving force behind No B.S. Beauty, a woman-owned business that — as its name suggests — cuts out harmful ingredients that we may not know about. 

“Beauty is an $11-billion industry,” CEO Diana Briceno says. “The way we see it, there’s no longer a place for half-truths, hidden agendas… sponsored scientific studies and ads that highlight our insecurities to sell products.”

No B.S. creates its products by stripping away what it describes as the unhealthy, unnecessary additives — like parabens (a preservative associated with allergies and hormone disruption), phthalates (a solvent that’s proven to be allergenic, carcinogenic and capable of causing nervous system disorders), sulfates (foaming agents that dry the skin), petrochemicals, artificial colorants, fragrances, preservatives and alcohol. Instead it uses only the good stuff — plant-based natural ingredients that include cucumber, aloe vera, coconut oil, tea tree oil and green tea, paired with retinol (vitamin A), hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E and squalene. The result is a selection of face and body products — serums, moisturizers, cleansers and toners — that are not only affordable but, the company says, also safe to use. 

Plus, the company is 100 percent gluten-free and vegan, claiming that it “would never, ever dare to test on animals.” 

“We developed No B.S. Beauty as a testament to our core beliefs that authenticity and bringing genuine value to customers are the tenets of success,” Briceno says. “Our mission is to serve the savvy and the curious who have a deep appreciation for quality, originality, functionality and purpose and don’t want any BS in their products — and in their life.” 

Briceno, who is from Caracas, Venezuela — a country known for its exquisite pageants and emphasis on beauty— launched No B.S. Beauty after years of experience in the industry. Having studied industrial engineering and worked as an associate brand manager at Procter & Gamble, she went on to create a makeup and skincare line for Dolce&Gabbana — which ignited her love for the beauty biz — and later went to Palladio Beauty as the vice president of marketing before launching No B.S. Beauty. 

“I am challenged to my core every day, but I have never been so happy and fulfilled,” she says.  

Not only that, but Briceno is leading the company toward becoming something of a movement. Promoting the hash tag #LiveNoBS, the brand encourages others to eliminate toxins from their lives, whether it’s skincare, friends, relationships, jobs or self-doubts.

Briceno shares the company’s mantra, which includes empowering messages, such as “Tell your truth, pay it forward, be shameless. Always”; “Stop settling. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to get what you want;” and “Experience life filter-free. Travel. It will leave you speechless and turn you into a storyteller.” 

No B.S. is leading by example by giving back to the community through a partnership with Project Glimmer, a nonprofit that inspires at-risk teenage girls and women to believe in themselves by letting them know their communities care. For every product that No B.S. sells, the company donates one product to Project Glimmer. 

The company has already created buzz in the beauty world by taking a stand — and sharing it boldly (and unapologetically) with others. But there are still more plans in the works. According to Briceno, No B.S. wants to expand into hair care, baby care and male grooming while continuing to listen to client feedback and taking suggestions.  

“No B.S. is for people that want a BS-free lifestyle, so the sky’s the limit for us,” she says. “If you are in need of a BS-free product that does not exist yet, please let us know. We would love to make it for you.”

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