One cool equestrian

Equestrian fans will find a new yet familiar face at Old Salem Farm’s Spring Horse Shows, which begin today. Olympic silver medalist Lucy Davis has joined the staff of the elite North Salem facility as its trainer even as she continues her competitive career.

“I’m focused on people who want to move on to the bigger jumper division,” Davis says of the equestrian category that is judged on time and faults as horse and rider surmount an obstacle course. (As opposed to hunter, which is about the form of the horse, and equitation, the form of the rider.)

Not to mix our animal metaphors here, but riders sometimes leapfrog from place to place for training at different stages in their progress. No need to do that at Old Salem Farm.

“You can start at ponies here and continue on to the top of the sport,” Davis says of the farm, rated a top venue by the North American Riders Group for five years and host to more than 30 weeks of competition, including September’s prestigious American Gold Cup and the Fall Classic.

The Spring Horse Shows at Old Salem Farm run Tuesdays through Sundays through May 20. There will be hunter-jumper competitions in all age groups, amateur and professional. You’ll also enjoy a variety of food and retail vendors. For more, visit

And for more of our interview with Davis, click here 

— Georgette Gouveia

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