Out of Africa to serve America

In WAG’s October “Celebrate the Individual” issue, we were delighted to share the story of the Rev. Philip Tah, the former parochial vicar at Sacred Heart Church in Hartsdale, who was moving heaven and earth to help rebuild his native village in Nigeria after tribal factionalism led to the destruction of most of its housing. 

At the time of that writing, checks to his Fountains of Compassion were being sent to him through Sacred Heart Church while Father Philip was getting settled in his new career as an Army captain and chaplain assigned to Fort Stewart outside Savannah.

Recently, Father Philip sent us some pictures from army life and, from the looks of things, he’s well on his way in this challenging new chapter.

If you’d like to donate to Fountains of Compassion or write Father Philip, you may do so at 1103 Cornett Court, Hinesville, Georgia, 31313. For more information,  call 516-690-4949 or email him at paulphilipsbe@yahoo.com.


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