Pampering yourself with gem-infused skincare

A selection of products from Kristals Cosmetics. Courtesy Kristals Cosmetics.
Kristals Cosmetics, a national skincare company that recently opened shop on Greenwich Avenue, shares its crystal-infused skincare products that are backed by age-old, holistic techniques.

If a dazzling precious stone were placed in a glass showcase, it wouldn’t take long to draw spectators.

But perhaps, there’s more to a gem’s allure than sheer beauty. 

Kristals Cosmetics, a national skincare company, claims that semiprecious and precious stones can be used to improve skin condition and complexion — while boosting spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. 

Having recently opened shop on Greenwich Avenue, Kristals offers an array of products with a key ingredient — superfine granules of a select mineral, gemstone or crystal — which they say works to repair sun damage, reduce the appearance of age spots and fine lines and lift, firm and hydrate parched, lackluster skin cells. And it’s all done without the need for invasive skin surgery. 

Kristals’ method draws from ancient practices used by civilizations ranging from the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to the Chinese, Japanese and Indians — which believed that crystals were conduits of natural energy that could be tapped to improve general welfare. Kristals offers a dual therapeutic approach — sound skin, sound mind — in the form of a luxe skin treatment infused with natural additives and backed by holistic principles. 

No matter the skin type or tone, according to Kristals, all of its products are designed to produce softer skin, restore suppleness and enhance luminosity. 

“There are 11 series within the Kristals Cosmetics Skincare line,” says Arielle Fried, senior marketing coordinator. “Each precious gemstone or metal is infused into its own unique series. The process of infusing the stones consists of concentrated particles that are incorporated into every product.”

Among the stones that are blended together with rich botanicals are rock crystal, ruby, amber, rose quartz, amethyst, pearl, aventurine, sapphire, diamond and aquamarine, along with gold — which are said to have therapeutic properties.

They say rock crystal protects the skin from UV damage, while amethyst reintroduces oxygen to the skin to revitalize the complexion. Amber offers a dose of vitamin C to reverse sun damage, while 24-karat gold harnesses oxygen molecules underneath the skin’s surface to reduce discoloration. Ruby restores a youthful glow, while rose quartz helps clear up rashes and blemishes. Pearl, which is rich in vitamins and amino acids, has strong anti-aging properties, while diamond firms the skin for timeless beauty. Aventurine has anti-inflammatory abilities and helps treat eczema, rashes, acne and psoriasis, while aquamarine, a cooling stone, helps calm these conditions, along with hives, rosacea and the harsh effects of shaving. And, we’re told, after a long day in the sun — something that we won’t have to worry about for long in WAG country (gasp) — sapphire soothes burns and helps reduce inflammation.

Any way you look at it, it’s a jewel of a skincare line.

Kristals Cosmetics is at 229 Greenwich Ave. For more, visit

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