Post-weekend detox

A must have skin detox after those long weekends away.

A long weekend at the beach calls for a major detox to scrub off all the sunscreen, self-tanner and toxins that have made their way into your skin.

Thanks to DefineMe, Intoxicating Beauty and When, there’s just the thing for that. These exfoliants will help reveal smooth and glowing skin. Whether you are more of a salt and sugar scrub kind of gal, or prefer soothing face masks, there’s a little something to please everyone.

Available in six scents is the DefineMe Whipped Body Polish – perfect for achieving dewy, hydrated and extremely smooth skin. Made with cane sugar, organic shea butter, sweet almond and safflower oil, it’s ready for you to massage into the skin, then rinse. The smell is delightful, too.

Next, on to Intoxicating Beauty Salt Emolient Twist. This luxurious formula uses the power of organic vodka, oils, shea butter and salt crystals to buff away any dead skin cells. It will have you feeling refreshed. Apply to face or body, your choice, and massage until the salt dissolves. Rinse thouroughly and pat dry.

Last but not least, the grand finale to the routine. When Beauty’s Rose Coconut Exfoliating Scrub Face Mask uses natural coconut powder for a gentle exfoliation. The creamy texture helps to calm and smooth out the skin. Spread a thick layer on damp skin, leave on for five minutes, then gently, in circular motions, scrub the mask into the skin before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Bye bye, blackheads.

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– Olivia D’Amelio

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