Queen of sole

Kristina Cavallo’s passion for shoes has her Instagram followers clamoring for more.

2015, 2018 and now 2020:  Every few years, we catch up with shoe maven Kristina Cavallo, who has dedicated a room in her New Rochelle home to all things footwear.

The collection has changed — adding pairs, new designers and shelving — but she remains as delightful as ever, tickled with her very specific celebrity.

“Since the articles in WAG, I have had such a huge response on social media to everything regarding shoes. From meeting more designers to making some huge additions to my collection, I have been asked by so many people when they can see more pictures and articles about this closet. Apparently, shoe closets are becoming more of a women’s goal when they build their homes. The lighting and so many other factors come into play with this.”

At the last minute, Kristina dropped everything she was doing to pose and answer questions for WAG. That’s why she’ll always be a “shoe”-in, in our book:

Kristina, what’s new in your collection since we last talked?

“…I have added some really cool pieces to my collection. I have also added some new designers to my room, which I love as well. Christian Louboutin will always be my favorite designer, and some of his latest pieces have been so creative. They include a completely adorned crystal hot pink pointy pump, which is new for 2020. I have also added some beautiful Gianvito Rossi sandals, which are huge this year in so many colors. Versace pink and silver pumps are amazing. I have also been in love with platform sneakers from Gucci and Stella McCartney. I also have added some beautiful pumps from Charlotte Olympia and Ruthie Davis. Some amazing crystal flats from Christian Louboutin have been added to the collection as well as some matching handbags.” 

With so many new additions, your shoe room must’ve needed an upgrade.

“Yes, I have expanded my shoe room and added a few more shelves in the available corners to showcase some of the higher heels and sneakers. I have over 525 pairs at the moment, with the help of Stephanie Ramos from The Saks Shops at Greenwich, Devon Taylor from Saks Fifth Avenue and Andrea Frasca from Neiman Marcus Westchester in White Plains. They pick out styles for me as they all have the best eye for shoes.”

But you have a good eye as well. What are the hot brands/trends you’re noticing?

“The brands that are major right now are Gianvito Rossi, Aquazzura, Ruthie Davis, Versace, Chanel and Christian Louboutin, of course, Gucci, with its major runway pieces, and Balenciaga. As far as trends, the platform sneaker has come full force with amazing styles, embellishments and colors. Also, pointy pumps and booties are huge for the last season and this upcoming one. Sandals from Gianvito Rossi in an array of color and fabrics are making a splash this season.”

What pair will you be stepping out in for Valentine’s Day?

“Depending on my plans, I will opt most likely for something red and bright, with a little bit of love in every step.” 

With all this talk of shoe business, we mustn’t forget you also have a day job.

“Professionally, I am still at (Patrick J.) Cavallo Insurance as a co-owner with my amazing father. He has taught me everything about business, work ethic and ventures. You never know, maybe designing shoes might be something I work on next. But until then, I will continue wearing and idolizing all of these amazing designers.” 

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