RayZyns prove a decidedly crunchy snack

WAG is always ready to sample a new snack, so we gave a quick “yes” to the offer to try a product called RayZyns.

Though billed as a “Crunchy Superfood Snack,” with promotional materials urging us to “embrace the crunch,” we somehow glossed over all that.

So when we popped a few of the RayZyns, we were – across the board – surprised by the crunch.

But then that was us, initially neglecting to “Love the crunch that loves you back.” Once you realize these aren’t traditional raisins or craisins, though, you can get into the spirit.

Here’s the scoop on the product from Napa, California, and its intriguing flavors:

“The first and only superfood of its kind, Wine RayZyns from The Wine RayZyn Co. are hand-harvested wine grapes. RayZyns are made with the skin and seeds intact to provide an unprecedented source of fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. The seeds are toasted and caramelized during the special drying process, giving each RayZyn an addictive and delicious crunch.”

The company site is loaded with more information on the product’s health benefits, including details such as RayZyns being gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, all-natural and Kosher, while also having no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Cardiologist Chris Cates, MD, and his son, Napa vintner Andrew Cates, founded the Wine RayZyn Co.

If you’re looking for something unique, give Wine RayZyns a try.

For more, visit rayzyn.com.

– Mary Shustack

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