Showing your true (school) colors

Kick off the school year in style with one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly accessories from Dona Bela Shreds. Created from leftover textiles used in the process of making clothing, Dona Bela Shreds neckwear is the perfect addition to take your game day outfit from drab to fab.

Starting for as low as $13.20, these unique pieces recycle strips of fabric into a scarf/necklace hybrid. With a variety of color combos and seven different styles, there is sure to be one or your team of choice. For just $5.60, the Dona Bela Shreds also offers headbands made from the same recycled fabric as the neckwear line.

Students will be back to school in less than a month, and what better way to send off your loved ones than by giving them a gift to allow them to them rep their favorite team with any outfit? While our college days are behind us, Dona Bela Shreds allow us to take a trip down memory lane while sporting our alma maters’ colors in our day-to-day lives, or simply as an added pop of color to brighten up our wardrobes.

Not only does Dona Bela help reduce fabric waste by creating their recycled accessories, but it also donatse a portion of proceeds each month to charity. Show your school spirit and feel good about giving back to Planet Earth with Dona Bela Shreds. What team will you choose to root for?

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– Meghan McSharry


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