Skin cleansing 101

Achieving beautiful skin may begin with choosing the best cleanser for your skin type. Recently, we sample four different ones, including the Kat Burki Calming Gel Cleanser ($50). This gentle cleanser blends more than 92 invigorating ocean minerals that help to protect the skin. The texture and scent are great, and the cleanser foams on application, leaving the skin feeling clean, balanced and hydrated – particularly if it’s oily to begin with. The emerginC Kombucha Cleanser ($35) is another gentle product, suitable for all skin types and great for removing makeup, excess oil and environmental pollutants.

The Sigi Skin Kaleanser ($38) is a vegan product made for dry and sensitive skin types. It contains kale and soy extracts. I love to use this one to remove makeup after a long day as it’s specially formulated to remove dirt and oils. It rebalances your skin’s pH levels and has a jelly-like texture that makes the cleansing process soothing.

The Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser ($16) is an acidic cream cleanser supporting the skin’s natural balance of protective oils. It’s great for all skin types, helping to moisturize dry skin and balance out oily skin. It’s gentle, non-foaming, SLS free and helps to balance skin pH – all qualities a good cleanser has.

There are plenty of benefits with each one, so take your pick.

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– Olivia D’Amelio

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