Sparkling at Saks

The 6,000-square-foot Vault — the only Saks store dedicated solely to fine jewelry — marks the latest chapter in the evolution of The Saks Shops at Greenwich.

It’s hard to pick one highlight from the recent launch party of Saks Fifth Avenue The Vault, part of The Saks Shops at Greenwich.

The elegant jazz duo purring “Fever”; the shimmery, luxe black-and-white, gold-and-silver décor; the quarter-size savory pancake and tuna ceviche hors d’oeuvres; or the flawless, emerald-cut 12.5-karat diamond ring by Graff that runs about $3 million.

OK, let’s go with ring-a-ding-ding for roughly 3 mill. And don’t forget the ice-blue topaz and diamond cuff by Robert Procop whose hinges replicate the Eiffel Tower. More on these in a bit.

The 6,000-square-foot Vault — the only Saks store dedicated solely to fine jewelry — marks the latest chapter in the evolution of The Saks Shops at Greenwich, WAG’s February 2016 cover story. The Shops include the existing women’s designer store, across the street from The Vault on Greenwich Avenue, which will undergo a renovation in November; The Collective, featuring contemporary women’s wear, active wear and accessories, adjacent to The Vault; and Elm Street’s 10022-SHOE, the suburban answer to Saks’ signature Manhattan shoe store — a place so large that it has its own zip code, as we wrote in our October 2016 issue.

The Vault, however, takes the proverbial cake. Delicate diamond jewelry by Anita Ko. Stones in saturated colors and angular designs by Nikos Koulis. Crystalline creations by Aurélie Bidermann. Floral offerings by Stefere. Dazzling statement pieces by Etho Maria. Mother of pearl bracelets and necklaces by Nina Gilin. And that’s just up front, where you have barely set a manicured, Manolo Blahniked foot in the door.

The side galleries feature anchor designers and sitting environments (the better to shop til you drop, my dear). The fab décor by the Saks Fifth Avenue Store Design and Planning Team in collaboration with design firm FRCH lets you, bedazzled you, glide through the space where Robert Procop’s unparalleled pairings of gemstones awaits. The Art Deco-style ruby and pink sapphire bracelet from the Bella Collection — an hommage to the Mediterranean woman — had us lusting, as did that blue topaz cuff and a pink ruby ring. (Rubies are actually a kind of sapphire. Who knew sapphires could be so complicated?)

 Holding pride of place at the head of the store is Graff, its salon featuring a private viewing area with exquisite silver floral wallpaper and textured furnishings. Homero Nino, Graff general manager at The Vault, says Graff and Saks have had a successful relationship since 2001. It’s the only retailer where you’ll find the jewelry, apart from its standalone shops. Time for another look at that 12.5-karat diamond ring.

“It’s perfect,” we pronounce. “You said it,” Nino responds.

The same might be said for The Vault.

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