Still trending at House of 29

Something’s always trending at House of 29 Lifestyle Boutique by Sarah.

The family-operated boutique in Chappaqua, first profiled in WAG back in 2016 , has let us know that these days, it continues to be about an Italian brand of sneakers.

Sarah Mass David tells us that House of 29 makes a point “to order unique styles from P448, ones that may not be readily available elsewhere.”

Here’s her enthusiastic take on the footwear that’s a worldwide streetwear star and a perennial top-seller at House of 29:

“Let me tell you about this collection. It is all about the love and showing the love… This collection is filled with love more than ever. Featuring extra cushion in the foot bed and the tongue of the shoe to give your feet extra love. The perfect synthesis of vintage and modern. Meticulous detailing and made-in-Marche craftsmanship underscore the sense of luxury at the heart of this collection. Technical innovation and stylistic research… Contemporary, luxury sneakers for everyone’s lifestyle.”

Check it all out at House of 29 Lifestyle Boutique by Sarah at 39 S. Greeley Ave.

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– Mary Shustack



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