Stylishly ‘flat’-footed

“I wish I brought along a pair of flats.”

This thought has crossed my mind many, many times – especially toward the end of evening wedding celebrations, when I have found relief from my “perfect” heels by going barefoot.

Hey, it happens to every gal.

A similar experience is what inspired Ingrid Sarver of Darien to find a solution. Talaria Flats, a shoe company, offers a line of chic ballet flats for on-the-go women – and now, for mother and daughter. (Or, just mom. It’s almost Mother’s Day, after all.)

Named after the gold-winged Talaria sandals worn by Hermes, the Greek messenger god, these flats were designed to represent the modern-day version of the mythological shoe by allowing easy transition between daytime to evening. And just like Hermes’ sandals helped him to travel swiftly, these shoes allow wearers to navigate their day feeling carefree and comfortable.

Recently, Talaria Flats launched Talaria Littles, an extended line of its ballet flats for children and teens ($34 per pair). Not only can moms let their hair down (and take their heels off), but they can also share a “Mommy and Me” gift with their daughters.

The flats feature a thick, anti-skid rubber sole, while the shoe is lightweight and flexible, conforming to each foot’s shape and allowing for trouble-free movement. The children’s flats – beginning at age 12 months – include a Velcro strap option for added support. Available in a champagne color for effortless matching, the flats are also embellished with a matching bow and a hint of metallic sparkle, adding a touch of fabulousness to any child’s wardrobe.

Mom has a few more options, as the shoes – available in sizes 5 through 12 – are offered in black, silver, white (with a golden toe), and champagne ($38 per pair). For wedding celebrations, Talaria Flats offers a Bridesmaid box with 12 personalized flats, as well as an event box with 18 traditional pairs. All of the flats are foldable for stress-free storage and they come with a matching bag for safekeeping.

To celebrate the launch of Talaria Littles, the company is donating 10 percent of its online sales – through May 31 – to the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford (BGCS), which serves more than 1,600 of children and teens through its many youth development programs.

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— Danielle Renda

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