” Alexander the Great

The need to lead


Great civilizations rest on the shoulders of great leaders, but in the end, that leadership may not stem the tide of history. And yet without real leadership, nations have little chance to survive – and thrive.

The “A” word


“Amazon” – as in the river that snakes through South America and the idea of bold women – is having a moment in our area, spotlighting a word and a concept, powerful females, that have been fraught for Western civilization.

Horse and rider in history


In the Russian nesting doll of narratives that is art history, “Secret Departure of Ivan the Terrible” is not merely a Nazi-looted work. It is also part of a genre – the man on horseback – that sweeps us from the ancient world to our own time, in which it has become a symbol of the controversy over Confederate monuments as well as a metaphor for dystopia.