WAG’s fascinating men


Ever fantasize about the perfect man? Can there be such a thing? We scoured our archives, memories and experiences and found more fascinating men than we could fit in this issue. Here’s a sampling.



As the adage goes, “If you want to make a small fortune from a winery, start with a large one.” Such has been the case for many a second-career entrepreneur. Just ask Patricia Kluge, who reportedly received upward of $25 million from her ex-husband, media mogul John Kluge, and sank it and quite a bit more into a Charlottesville, Va. winery that declared bankruptcy two years ago. It’s now Trump Vineyard Estates, owned by none other than the Donald. So how does he expect to make money from this rather risky, capital-intensive business?

Statins – in a class by themselves


In my work as a clinical cardiologist, I’ve been accustomed to getting the occasional medical question at the parties I attend. Almost without exception, these questions have centered on the person’s cholesterol concerns. But recently, all of this seems to have changed, thanks to the availability of a new class of drugs, the statins, which has all but revolutionized the field of heart disease prevention.