Taking it Day by Day(book)

In the age of the coronavirus, many are feeling adrift and anxious as they try to multitask at home, at school and on the job. Day by Daybook offers a planner/journal that balances well-being and productivity.

The Day by Daybook comes in three different versions for various life journeys. The classic is great for those facing health issues, a new mom or for anyone undergoing a transition of any kind. The recovery book is for anyone overcoming any type of addiction or someone in therapy or treatment. Finally, there’s the teen book, great for teens or young adults facing challenges with schooling and perhaps feeling low or overwhelmed.

The Day by Daybook provides you with an unusual navigation tool designed to track your personal progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while offering a customizable framework to support you along the way. Remember: Caring for others begins with self-care.

For more, visit daybydaybook.com.

– Fatime Muriqi

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