Once I get an idea, I’m like a dog with a bone. So herein is another post about my latest obsession – Tim Tebow.
One of my favorite luncheon pastimes is to read about men fulminating over Tebow’s shortcomings. Now why should he jerk their chains so?

Well, part of the answer is political. Part of it is theological. And part of it is sporting. But I find all that less interesting than my surmise that Tebow is a woman-identified man, and that throws men of their game – perhaps especially so at a time in our struggling economy when men are apparently a tad sensitive about women being the ones to bring home the bacon and head off to higher education. (There’s even a new book about this, Jim Wysong’s “The Neutering of the American Male.”)

Now when I describe Tebow as a woman-identified man, I’m not suggesting he’s lacking in masculinity. Far from it. But it’s clear that given the unusual circumstances of his birth – in which he and his mother nearly died – that he has an exceptionally close bond with her. He wouldn’t be the first man in a leadership position – from Alexander the Great to Bill Clinton – to be a momma’s boy. And he won’t be the last.

Perhaps more important, though, he embodies many of the qualities we associate with women. He’s beautiful, emotional, spiritual and virginal. And that must be confounding to men. They, after all, are supposed to be like Tom Brady – brilliant at work and sports, contained, commanding and glamorous in a tough way. And if they impregnate one woman and move on to another, well, that’s OK, because that’s what men do, right?

But in his best-selling book “Through My Eyes,” Tebow says that women should be treated first and foremost with respect.

And that’s why ladies love him – because his feminine side isn’t his blind side.

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