The most important lesson


A friend recently asked me what’s the most important lesson I could teach young brokers—and what’s the most important lesson I’ve learned in my years as a broker.

The answer is the same for both lessons, and it’s a single word:


Listen to everything a client or potential client has to say. Let them talk—in fact, invite them to talk, and make sure they know you’re hearing every word, as well as listening.

Only by hearing what they have to say—whatever the subject they’re talking about at the moment—can you really begin to understand them, their hopes and dreams, concerns, interests, all the aspects large and small that go into making a person. The person who’s come to you for your services.

And every bit of the information you hear can help you serve them better and help make sure you’re providing them with what they came to you for: professional, expert guidance and assistance in finding the house or property that absolutely suits them and matches their personalities and tastes as well as their desires.

More than that—much more—is the fact that you’re getting to know someone: you’re dealing with a person, not just a prospect o commission.

 Think about this the next time a salesperson—whatever you’re shopping for—talks and talks and talks at you, instead of listening to you. Maybe you’ll buy from them, maybe you won’t—but either way, the experience is far less than it could be—or should be.

 That’s my most important lesson—and I would say to all young brokers: listen.

 And while I’m here: Thanks for listening to me.
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