WAG 2015: A Year of Passion

WAG welcomes readers into its 2015 “Year of Passion.”

Read below for a sneak-peak into our passion-filled issues. Click the themes below to check out the monthly issues.

JANUARY, Passion for living
Our issue about locals who are passionate about what they do, whether it be a vocation, lifestyle choice or hobby.
Cover story: James Naughton, passionate about the arts.

Our annual romance issue considers the personal in the passionate with tales of relationships and obsessions, plus lots of jewelry and lingerie.
Cover story: right at home with Sean Patrick Maloney and Randy Florke.

MARCH, “Passion for design
This issue covers not only home design, but fashion, car and tech design as well.
Cover story: Lillian August, where design is a family affair.

APRILAnimal passion
Our annual “hoof and woof” issue, featuring Old Salem Farm, the Greenwich Polo Club, canine and equine shops and charities, and those folks who can’t get enough of their four-legged friends.
Cover story: the men of Greenwich Polo.

MAY, Passion flowers
Our annual botanical environment issue explores “blooming” careers and floral ornamentation in arts and crafts.
Cover story: Patti Lupone, perennial star.

JUNE, Passion tides
WAG brings readers around the globe to discover them most intriguing people and the most exciting places, yet again.
Cover story: If Peter Oundijian has a baton, he will travel.

JULY, Passion fruits
What’s a year of passion without a foodie issue?
Cover story: The books of Ruth Reichl.

AUGUST, Passion play
Our issue to lighten up with sports and recreation, including our annual salute to the U.S. Open.
Cover story: Katrina M. Adams, CEO, USTA, serves up an ambitious platform for her tenure.

SEPTEMBER, Fashion passion
WAG explores the trends – and trend-setters – in the most stylish industry.
Cover story: Ralph Pucci elevates mannequins to art.

OCTOBER, Com-passion
WAG takes a look at nonprofits and fundraisers, along with those committed to the healing arts.
Cover story: Bernie Williams – former New York Yankees center fielder – a king of diamonds, and hearts.

NOVEMBER, A passion for work
We cut a swath across medicine, finance, law, the laws, etc. to plumb the dedication that goes beyond 9-5.
Cover story: Ryan Reynolds: superhero and family man.

DECEMBER, The passionate
We ring out the old – and ring in the new – with a look back at the most passionate people of the year and a look ahead to 2016.
Cover story: Bea Valdes, filipino designer dazzles New York.

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