WAG’s year of fascination

Another year, another innovation from WAG. With an overall theme of fascination, we introduce our most Fascinating Man/Men issue, which we hope to present every January. (The women will get equal time in July.)

We’ll leave you to discover the issue for yourself, but we want to take this opportunity to present our most Fascinating Man – Turkish actor Onur Tuna, star of Netflix’s “Filinta,” a detective series set in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire.

With her unerring eye for talent, our publisher, Dee DelBello, spotted him and thought he had many of the qualities that make up a fascinating person – “courage, which Aristotle said was the first of all virtues; intelligence;generosity; confidence; dignity; grace; humor; humility; sensitivity; strength; accomplishment; likability; social consciousness; and creativity. Oh, and good looks doesn’t hurt.”

Who’ll make our July list of Fascinating Women and next January’s list of men? You can have a hand in the selection by emailing me your ideas at ggouveia@westfairinc.com.

May 2019 be a fascinating year for you.

Georgette Gouveia

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