Winkin’, blinkin’ and nodpod

The nodpod just might be the way to a better night’s sleep.

Have a bit of a problem heading off to dreamland?

Pressure at work? Pressure from the obligations of this holiday season?

Whatever the reason might be, give nodpod a shot.

Each pod is equally weighted with microbeads that give the right amount of good pressure to help you stave off all that bad pressure.

If you’re used to having a small pet sleep on your head at night, this is much better. A nodpod doesn’t breathe and it doesn’t move. It also doesn’t scratch.

Big head, small head, one size fits all.

There’s a slit in one end that let’s you tighten it to your own comfort level.

A jersey cotton side cools while the fleece side warms.

Keep one in the freezer; it can help with a bangin’ headache.

If it gets dirty, you can throw it in the washing machine and then the dryer, no problemo.

Available in six colors, a nodpod sells for $29.

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– Bob Rozycki

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