WAG magazine is the hottest lifestyle magazine to hit the New York state and Connecticut metro area. Really, everyone’s talking about it!

It delivers the unexpected in exciting people profiles, food, fashion, beauty, art, travel, entertainment and more. With its irresistible glimpse into high-end living, it has become a must read among the discerning population. WAG features firsthand content that is always ahead of its time.

Wagmag.com, the digital solution, which compliments the magazine, presents a rewarding communication strategy that mirrors the sensibilities and spirits of the unique, vibrant communities, which WAG covers. Targeting a savvy readership, the platform captures a local demographic that looks to WAG’s relationships for the finest in lifestyle, whether it be fashion, food, nightlife, shopping or exclusive events.

The publication is always building fresh content, driven by local movers and shakers who create and influence culture; some even worldwide.

What is WAG? 

Some readers think WAG stands for “Westchester and Greenwich.” We certainly cover both. But mostly, a WAG is a wit and that’s how we think of ourselves, serving up piquant stories and photos to set your own tongues wagging.