Adding zing to chicken


Spiced chicken (or chicken roast) is one of the most popular dishes all over Kerala. Chicken roasted with a marinade of spices and sautéd with roasted onions is one of the best dishes that goes along with rice or flatbread. This version of mine is a blend of spices along with a compound butter to bring out a better flavor. Hope you enjoy it.

Fizzy and fine


This month, Swiss-based Valmont launches several new products in its ever-expanding universe of fragrant, luxurious treatments designed to brighten and lighten you.

Drinking my way to a new book


It’s a tough job but someone had to sample lots of clear and brown liquors for a new “Spirits Tasting Journal” (Peter Pauper Press). Fortunately, WAG’s Wine & Dine columnist Doug Paulding was up to the task and now out with the new book.